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1. Tell me about your current recording rig: I’ve gathered a lot of awesome gear over the last couple years but I feel like I don’t have any go-to’s. The Vintech Neve emulator and the Distressor are two pieces I seem to switch off on. With the analog pre’s I used to get carried away with that ‘ppsshh’ sound I love so much. Now I’m not afraid to use a dynamic on vocals or something and just crank the Vintech until it goes ‘squish squish’ like a panini.

2. What song of yours do you feel is the best portrayal of your particular recording style? “Sho’ Nuff” is one that has a hazy vocal sound. I dunno, I guess that’s part of my style, but the song also captures that vintage surf-jazz thing I strive for. Crazy gear and expensive matching overhead mic pairs are cool and all, but knowing what sound your going for is invaluable. Our single “Honeysuckle” that is coming out soon is basically Splavender’s “Starry Night.” A 6-minute introspective synth-groove lovesong.  I think Van Gogh would dig it.

3. If money was no object, what’s the ‘holy grail’ piece of studio gear you’d buy? I love this question cuz I’d probably answer it differently day to day.  I’d probably get one of those Neve sidecar desks. With the 1073 mic pre’s in that unit, I’d probably do terrible, terrible things for that piece of gear.

4. What was the first piece of recording gear you bought and what are your thoughts on it now?  The first piece of gear I bought was a Presonus Audiobox 18. 8 tracks, digital. It was the only thing I recorded through for the first year and a half of learning and it never let me down. I use it now solely as a digital converter for my analog pre’s to enter Pro Tools.

5. What do you have coming up that we should know about? Splavender’s at Shaper Studios Friday, Feb. 26, with Dani Bell & The Tarantist (free), and at Mike Hess Brewery March 18, for our first-ever ‘Music and Beer’ pairing (Mira Mesa location). The new Splavender EP is finished, RELEASE DEETS SOON.

Find out how to win a free single complete with tracking, mixing and mastering from Daniel here.



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