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1. Tell me about your current rig: I don’t have a current rig, I use different equipment for different gigs. In general, I like oversized cymbals and older drums, and usually default towards simple setups. The musical situation will determine what size bass drum I use, if I need tom toms, what kind of snare I think will work, etc. I also build and modify instruments, so if the situation warrants it, I love finding something that will give the song or piece a stand out, whether its a shaker stick, a weird lo-fi snare, or an extended sound like a garbage can or hubcap. My collection has been years in the making; I try and be honest about if I am using a piece enough to warrant owning it, and sell things that I don’t use or doesn’t work with what I am hearing in my head. The best parts are the stuff that doesn’t require much upkeep and doesn’t break on gigs. The worst part is the fragile stuff (gourds, ceramic instruments) that break every time you move them.

2. What song of yours do you feel is the best portrayal of your particular style? Not sure I have a “style,” I’ve always tried to fit into the musical space while still retaining my own identity. Two recent pieces I have particularly enjoyed would be the toques track “1_0,” which has a fairly lo-fi drum sound with me playing in and out of a homemade loop, and the Hexa track “Chloe,” which has a super dead drum sound and a nice lilt to it.

3. If money was no object, what’s the holy grail piece of gear you’d buy? I spent most of my time in college playing classical marimba, which is hilarious because I don’t even own one these days. At some point it would be great to have a Marimba One low C marimba, but honestly we don’t have the room for it.

4. What’s the worst or weirdest piece of gear you’ve ever bought or used? A few years ago I picked up a Quijada, which is literally the jawbone of a mule, it’s a Peruvian instrument that you hit with the palm of your hand to make the teeth rattle. The vibraslap is the modern equivalent. It’s definitely not for vegans or anybody that is squeamish.

5. What do you have coming up that we should know about? New toques recording out now, and a new Skeleton Key Orchestra double CD will be out in May, just in time for a huge (24+ musicians) 40th birthday concert for myself at Bread and Salt on May 21st. A Thousand Butterflies is at Dizzys on Saturday, March 19th.



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1. Tell me about your current rig: How does it help you achieve the sound/style you’re after? I have a Roland Juno Di and TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer pedal that I run through a Digitech Jam Man. I loop layers of keyboard and vocals and those become the foundations of my songs. I recently started adding some drum tracks from an Alesis SR-16, which I run through a Golden Cello delay pedal. I also run samples from my cell phone, through a voice recorder app that has cool effects like “Optimus Robot” and “Small Alien” and “Death.” Every piece of gear I use for Hexa is really versatile, which has been important to me in writing and performing solo.

2. What is your favorite piece of gear? My TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer and my microphone. The TC Helicon is made out of magic and makes your vocals sound amazing. And the Harmonizer is super creepy so I love it. There is nothing fancy about the mic I use, but it’s special to me because I’ve had it forever and it’s stained pink from lipstick.

3. What song of yours (or your band’s) do you feel is the best portrayal of your particular sound/style? “Campo,” from the Bata Motel EP I put out recently. It’s has a dark sound and the lyrics are pretty heavy, but it still has this catchy, pop thing going on.

4. What was the first piece of gear you bought and what are your thoughts on it now? Do you have still have it? When I first started performing in bands about ten years ago, I bought a Kurzweil full stage piano. It’s completely impractical in that it weighs like 90 lbs. and is a total pain in the ass to transport. It sounds amazing and I still have it, but I am thrilled to be playing a compact little keyboard that I can throw in my trunk that weighs next to nothing.

5. What do you have coming up that we should know about? I released a four-song EP on Bandcamp called Bata Motel on Feb. 8th [Listen/buy it here]. I am performing at The Merrow on Feb. 23rd and at The Hideout on March 17th.